The Saplings Think of Us as Young book cover

The Saplings Think of Us as Young

By Kimberly Kralowec

More Praise for The Saplings Think of Us as Young:

Kralowec sees through the mysteries of the everyday into a transcendent world of strangeness: “I feel again what several people told me did not exist.” We as readers—marvelously—are made to feel it, too.


— Jay Deshpande, author of Love the Stranger


The poems in Kimberly Kralowec’s gorgeous, heart-opening collection are rife with haunting and lyrical lines that illuminate the crisis of climate change. This poetry operates with a precision of image and a juxtaposition of the senses . . . Yet here, amidst the calamities of a failing planet, stands a love story for the ages. . . Kralowec leads us magnificently and memorably through a persistent trauma of planet and body that ultimately yields to the strength of love, everything “altered just enough to be/unrecognizable, just enough to be beautiful.”


— Jeanine Walker, author of The Two of Them Might Outlast Me


The Saplings Think of Us as Young knows the world not by mere observation but through a kind of fierce participation. The poems draw us beyond words and into images, that murky place where art is primed for the elements of unknowing and mystery. . .


— Michael McGriff, author of Eternal Sentences


Kimberly Kralowec’s poems are deeply aware of the vulnerability of human and more-than-human life. In this time in which disasters have become daily—homes we live inside and move between—Kralowec’s nuanced and sensitive book gives voice to both the grief and beauty of irrevocable transformation and expresses tenderness toward the imperiled phenomenon of human consciousness itself.


— Sarah Rose Nordgren, author of The Creation Museum


Kralowec’s poems insist it’s not too late to care for the Earth, and they serve as beacons for possibility and change. Entering the world of these poems makes it easier to be part of the only environment we share. 

— Sean Singer, author of Today in the Taxi


ISBN 978-0-9827838-9-4
Publication date 28 May 2023
86 pages